More Than an Incident on a Bus

Originally posted on Open Salon on June 21, 2012:            Some months ago I wrote about Melanie, a schoolmate of mine who was bullied mercilessly decades ago when we were in the sixth grade.  Much of the abuse took place on the school bus, and I wrote about my role as an inert bystander who failed [...]

Vice-Principal: No Second Banana

Originally posted on Open Salon on May 24, 2012:                Some time ago I completed a master’s degree program in school administration at Rutgers University’s Graduate School of Education.  Shortly thereafter, I received a certificate making me eligible to be a principal or assistant principal.  Since then, I have had a few interviews for jobs that [...]

Bringing Schools to Life

Originally posted on Open Salon on March 15, 2012:            It is a simple truth: staggering amounts of money—in excess of $600 billion—are spent each year on educating our nation’s children, and as a result, our public school system operates under an enormous burden of scrutiny.  Political sticks and carrots—like No Child Left Behind and Race [...]

Teachers, Unions, and Reasons to Reflect

Originally posted on Open Salon on March 3, 2011:            Any true education blog must, in this moment, provide commentary on public policy set at the state level and its impact on public education.  Let the highest profile examples and the obvious points come first: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is clearly targeting teachers.  He is attacking [...]

Student Behavior and Our Media

 Originally posted on Open Salon on February 21, 2011:           More today about the behavior spectrum of today’s students.            I explained in an earlier post that our entire society—adults and children alike—is strongly influenced by our mass media.  It helps to isolate and understand some important principles on which our media function.            It is obvious that [...]

Classrooms Have Changed Along With Our Society

Originally posted on Open Salon on January 30, 2011:                The initial post on this blog raised some questions to be taken up at a later date.  Now might be a good time to explore some realities that have emerged in the modern public school classroom—realities that may not be entirely clear to people who have [...]

Teachers, Perceptions, and Distractions

Originally posted on Open Salon on January 18, 2011:              First, a word on how the public perceives teachers, particularly since the current economic crisis began to make its effects felt in late 2008.  In my home state of New Jersey, budget cuts at the state level have impacted schools profoundly, and a great debate has [...]