Vedanta and the Ego

Some weeks ago, I presented a topical explanation of Vedanta, one of the schools of Hindu philosophy that has interested me for some years. I listed the Five Kleshas, or poisons, that Vedanta cites as sources of suffering. Today, I would like to explore Asmita, or as some teachers call it, self-non-recognition. The term Ego [...]

The Student

She arrives each morning because she must. But in an anguished manner, She actually likes school— Not, of course, as some students do Who steal the sweet pleasure of A surreptitious square of Starburst When a teacher’s back is turned. No. This lover of learning Winces from her ecstasy As does the worn athlete Whose [...]

As Leaves Fall

As leaves fall And empires sink to ruin, As fires consume a forest And stars implode-- So shatters the elegant, Crystalline structure Of a soul shimmering In the light of what makes it exist. And still, no close of day, No falling shards, No completed circle Can deprive what used to be Of having been. [...]

Vedanta: The Five Kleshas

Every spiritual tradition contains, at its core, profound human truths.  Indeed, I learned this as part of my religious education in Catholic schools, as the curriculum included exploration of many religions. Buddhism, in particular, reduces the complexity of human suffering to the Four Noble Truths, and its Eight-Fold Path offers an elegant prescription to escape [...]