Lovely Sunday

One vision for me of a pleasant Sunday starts with forbidding weather. It would rain, and depending on the season, it might be cold and raw as well.  In any event, the gray and wet would hardly invite. I might be alone or with a companion–someone who does not mind a day indoors once in [...]


On a soft surface, blurry rays penetrating, Or in a tiny conveyance pushed through moving air, Or seated, enclosed, with fabric draped on her front, Nourishment being placed into her mouth, She worked to assimilate the details of her assignment, Fascinated at her awkwardness in her new vessel, Its appendages errand and awkward. The soothing [...]


Just some nights’ sleep ago, You went to kindergarten For your first day of school. And moments later, Your first date ended, Your indulgent mother smiling, Full of questions, Knowing well their answers. Just after breakfast today Your third child was born. Now, as you sip your Gimlet before dinner, She packs for your alma [...]