Friday Poetry: Cupid, to Ulysses

A few weeks ago, I started a series of sonnets inspired by an old story of Cupid accidentally scratching himself with one of his arrows and falling in love with Psyche.  Here, he is in such a state that he consults Ulysses--whose life is past and is living in the Underworld--about how he survived after [...]

Pink Sequel, Part III

A continuation of Part I and Part II... “So,” said Officer Chris, “what seems to be the problem?” “The problem,” I said, “is readily apparent. Please...look in their laps, look on the floor. You’ll find all the evidence you need for an arrest.” “Really?” Officer Chris responded. “Seriously, Paul? I mean, uh, Mr. Fornale? That’s [...]

Should Anything Else Concern Us?

As a brief follow-up to my post yesterday attempting to add perspective to the COVID-19 pandemic, I would like to urge a slightly different sentiment today as it would pertain to other health concerns. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 48,000 Americans died by suicide in 2018. Over 24,000 people under [...]

Care and Attention–Not Fear

As a school administrator, I have spent considerable time of late responding--and assisting others in responding--to the current public health crisis. I receive lots of questions due to my position and my work in a public school. Our media seem to send us sensationalized and charged messages that can cloud a meaningful view of the [...]

Cupid–After Psyche

A sonnet I wrote two days ago leaves Cupid feeling a bit self-congratulatory.  He makes a sacrifice so Psyche needn't suffer at the hands of Venus.  In today's poem tried to beat up on him a little--to make him more like us.  I've failed.  I even seem to have sublimated the guy. I may not [...]

Pink Sequel (Part II)

(Continued from Part I last week) Back in my office, I sat down to my late breakfast--coffee and a croissant. I had my door cracked open and not latched, which is my signal that only our secretary Mrs. Cooper should enter, and she should enter only in an emergency. My breakfast and my crossword puzzle [...]

To Psyche

The story of Cupid and Psyche has intrigued me for years.  Many classicists favor Apuleius's telling of the story, and I take to it simply because of its unfortunate complications.  But against all odds, love prevails. Recently, however, I question the convenience of the classic love stories.  Even Romeo and Juliet allows the star-cross'd lovers [...]

Saturday Cooking: Coq au Vin

As I stated in last Saturday's post, coq au vin is my favorite dish to cook.  The traditional recipe from Burgundy, France calls for a whole rooster.  Since we cannot usually come by those here in the States, I use chicken thighs and legs. Preparing this dish fills the house with a wonderful aroma.  It [...]

Nativitas Stellae

Ranging in all directions By a year’s voyage of starlight-- A cloud of fragmented stars, Pulverized worlds and worlds to be, Far-ranging atoms left from a primordial burst, And a wispy haze of vague conceivings That flit into and out of being... The unnumbered motes squeeze their common distance Out to the vastness from which [...]

Pink Sequel (Part I)

One morning, I sat pensive in my office--staring out the window.  I barely noticed Mrs. Cooper when she entered. “Mr. Fornale, you have a meeting on your calendar.  It was supposed to start five minutes ago.” “Eh?” “Mr. Paltjon is here.” That stirred me.  Mr. Paltjon--uncle of a former tormentor of mine--is our head of [...]