Nowadays, most adults seem to shave.  Women shave a larger surface area than men, and they usually do this in the shower.  Men have traditionally kept their shaving to their faces, standing at the sink in front of a mirror.  Of course, recent fashion has made things more elaborate for some members of the hairier [...]


Over every advance looms vanity; With each conquest, a new ambition buds; With every gain comes an urge to consume. All victories add distance To the illusory horizon of attainment. The wise one heeds a setback For its eloquent encouragement to persist. The strong soul woos elusive fruition For its divine kiss of humility. The [...]


The world abounds in beauty, if only we can appreciate it. When I teach students about grammar, we discuss the distinction between concrete and abstract nouns.  In essence, a noun denoting something we can see, hear, smell, touch, or taste is concrete–flowers, sunlight, pizza.  Abstract nouns, such as democracy and kindness, represent ideas. Inevitably, the [...]


If riches should elude me as I toil And lovers flee though once they did me seek, Should bold endeavors wilt in barren soil, Or fools impale me on the ills they speak, I could not even then give breath to rail Against the Fates who measure, weave, and trim The cloth of my corporeal [...]

My Addiction to British Television

And now, I am ready to reveal my history of addiction…to British television. It started, as it often does, with early exposure.  During the 1970's, I would sneak out of my bed to watch secretly from the stairs over the living room as my father viewed episodes of Masterpiece Theater, Upstairs, Downstairs, and I, Claudius.  [...]

Sonnet: Motions

For learning’s sake we tend well to our books, The patterned pages painting bright the mind. We keep keen after, too, our charming looks So as to fill the world with humankind. We humbly make our way to kneel and pray Each week to ears that listen from the sky; We lay our labors out [...]


In all its forms, I value family immensely.  Nuclear family, extended family, cousins adopting children or marrying to take on step-children, mixed families with step-siblings, and even marrying into a family of in-laws and gaining nieces and nephews–I have experienced all of this and have felt a true connection with people who are related to [...]

Holy Week

Faith makes so much possible; it keeps despair at bay and allows hope to thrive.  We all do well to have something to believe in. I grew up Catholic, then lapsed, then returned, then took up permanent residence at a distance.  I remember with fondness today my earlier days of devout worship.  I also accept [...]