When Menace Meets You

When menace meets you on the road
When scolding cuffs your ears,
When keen contempt lurks in the eyes
Of your condemning peers,

When romance casts you cruelly by
For one of dearer worth,
When random fortune makes you rue
The moment of your birth,

In short, when nature prompts the cry
Of outrage in you born
When instinct pricks your soul to spray
The venom of your scorn…

Look then instead into the mist–
Transcendence in the haze:
The whole of which we all consist
Beyond and through this maze.

Photo credit: Jaymantri on Pixels

2 thoughts on “When Menace Meets You

  1. Well done! Rhyme and rhythm enhance meaning. I read this several times, discovering nuances each time. .. the scolding cuffs, keen contempt, random fortune. Thanks for posting this.

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