Schools: Our Essential Public Institutions

I am pleased to be joining WordPress, and I will introduce myself by posting several entries from my former blog.  New material will follow shortly thereafter.

Public education today faces challenges on every side, and yet, for all of the imprefections of our public schools, so many positive things occur every day, and so much potential is waiting to be liberated from a system that so often constrains it.

The solutions lie right before our eyes, simple and elegant in their essence, but powerful and sometimes frightening as we begin to approach them.

The present moment requires courage from educators, policymakers, communities, and students alike.  I will set out to prove the feasibility and the necessity of schools with dynamic, empowering academic, professional, and social cultures.  Such schools must serve entire communities, not just students  We must expect schools demonstrate the academic achievement of their students, but they owe students so much more…

…so much more.

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