New Jersey’s Public Employees Must Pay Their Fair Share

Originally published on Open Salon on June 26, 2011:          New Jersey’s public workers will pay their fair share as the state works its way out of a fiscal mess that was years in the making.          This past Thursday, the New Jersey Assembly passed a bill requiring public employees to pay substantially more for their health benefits [...]

Chris Christie and School Rules: Making Things Sensible?

Originally published on Open Salon on April 5, 2011:            The Star Ledger reports today that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is creating a task force that will review state rules for school districts with the goal of eliminating forms of regulation that interfere with the efficient function of schools.  Reporters Ginger Gibson and Jeanette Rundquist [...]

Teachers, Unions, and Reasons to Reflect

Originally posted on Open Salon on March 3, 2011:            Any true education blog must, in this moment, provide commentary on public policy set at the state level and its impact on public education.  Let the highest profile examples and the obvious points come first: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is clearly targeting teachers.  He is attacking [...]

Charter Schools and Vouchers: a Diversion Tactic?

Originally posted on Open Salon on January 23, 2011:            Today’s edition of the Star Ledger contains several articles about charter schools and vouchers in New Jersey. Given the poor conditions in some inner-city schools, reformers are hoping to make more choices available to students and their families.  This past week, Governor Christie’s administration approved charter [...]