Deepest Gratitude

It was much harder for me to participate this year given a much tighter schedule, but I am pleased to have joined you all again.  I am grateful for the support of several writing colleagues, and several new friends have offered me valuable encouragement.

Regrettably, little time presented itself for what I enjoy as much as writing and posting: namely, reading and commenting.  I look forward to catching up as my posting schedule is reduced to Tuesday slices and Friday poems.

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for gathering us all together.  I love this community.

Photo credit: Oleksadr Pidvalnyi of Pexels

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March 2023 Slice of Life Challenge.

6 thoughts on “Deepest Gratitude

  1. This year challenged lots of folks to carve out time from over-packed schedules. We do what we can. ‘Preciate you dropping by from time to time. Enjoy spring and send some out west. See you Tuesday!

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