Lovely Sunday

One vision for me of a pleasant Sunday starts with forbidding weather.

It would rain, and depending on the season, it might be cold and raw as well.  In any event, the gray and wet would hardly invite.

I might be alone or with a companion–someone who does not mind a day indoors once in a while.

I would wake and read the book on my nightstand.   Then I would make bacon and eggs, perhaps some toast and sausage as well.  Or I might be in the mood for chocolate chip pancakes or French toast.  Coffee–American style, or perhaps caffelatte–would come at the end.

Then, I’d read the Star Ledger and the New York Times, and later, the New York Times Magazine.

And after, I would nap.  After waking, I would take out the ironing board and listen to my favorite podcasts as I work: On the Media and On Being.  I might even shine my shoes.

And all the day, it would continue to rain.

Of course, there would be Buffalo wings toward evening–at least a dozen, maybe two–while I stream something with no apparent edifying value.

After congratulating myself for making an abject paradox of the day, I would take up again the book on my nightstand and read until my eyes grew heavy and dreams intruded upon the print.

I would not want this every Sunday–not even most.  But I would savor what such a day would afford me.

Photo credit: Carolina Grabowska of Pexels

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March 2023 Slice of Life Challenge.

14 thoughts on “Lovely Sunday

  1. Heavenly. One of my goals for Spring Break is to have a day like this. The weather is promising to be favorably bad, so I can create this reading cocoon. Looking forward to slow-motion big breakfast with bacon!

  2. I enjoyed how your slice unpacks the paradox of weather so uninviting that it could actually (at least on one rare day) feel *inviting.*

  3. I love the sound of this Sunday, every once in a while! The swinging between reading for pleasure and information and watching TV with no real value was fun, too. I’m also a fan of the On Being podcast!

    1. Krista Tippett has simply made a marvelous contribution to humanity. Not being a churchgoer, I find profound spiritual value in her program. Thanks for reading my post.

  4. Yes, Paul – – this!! This is what I call a Hygge Sunday, and the introvert in me loves the cozy, secure feeling of being securely tucked away at home where there is no one to worry about but myself. The chicken wings, for me, would change to like about a half gallon of ice cream and guess what? I might eat the whole thing depending on the brand and the flavor. That’s the way to savor a day. For sure.

  5. Today was a Sunday that dawned with forbidding weather…I savored the rain-patters and rolling thunder, although I couldn’t stay home. But. The kind of day you describe is a luxury, indeed. No plan, just staying in and, well…savoring. I especially love the part about streaming something with no edifying value. The brain needs a vacation, sometimes – and that’s most restorative.

    1. Life has blessed me in many ways. To be able to enjoy Sundays of many kinds is something I cherish. I was just telling someone yesterday that I used to hate Sundays when I had a job that was not good for me. Things are different now. Thanks, Fran!

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