To Meet Our Needs

We breathe, eat, keep warm,
Clothe ourselves, and take shelter,

We escape predators, fend off invaders,
Avoid precipices and poisons.

We find ourselves in family, take up with companions,
We step out into the tribe.

We assert, compete, amass our fortunes;
We lose and win; we identify. 

We explore and interrogate;
We discover and understand.

We savor, admire, and adore;
We take inspiration, and we create.

We integrate, accept, and embrace;
We empathize and contribute.

And, ultimately, if we search, sacrifice, and surrender,
We transcend.

Photo credit: Pixabay/Pexels

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March 2023 Slice of Life Challenge.

10 thoughts on “To Meet Our Needs

  1. Hmmmm…..the first things first at the beginning and then everything building up from there once the basic needs are met makes me think you are referring to Abraham Maslow today. Lovely way to build a foundation with the essentials first.

    1. I offered Maslow’s hierarchy as an enrichment topic to some students, and they found it interesting. I figured I’d do a creative exercise with it. Thanks!

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