Guilty Pleasures

Like all people, I have some guilty pleasures in life.  On a typical Sunday, I indulge in Buffalo wings.

I can consume wings in massive quantities.  Some years ago while out with friends at Buffalo Wild Wings, I ordered fifty and experienced no difficulty in finishing them.  I did this partly as a stunt, but mostly to see whether I have a limit to how many wings I can eat.  I suspect I do, but it would evidently be more than fifty.

Not wanting to make a habit of this kind of overindulgence, I restrict my Sunday evening ritual to a quantity of two dozen.  I prepare the wings myself at home in my air fryer, and I prefer them very well done, so as to break down any collagen in the connective tissue and be able to eat right down to the bone.  I make two batches of a dozen each, with a light marinade of olive oil, salt, pepper, powdered thyme, and hot paprika.  When they are finished in the air fryer, I coat the wings with some Frank’s Red Hot and butter.

Other guilty pleasures accompany this.  I watch very little television apart from the PBS Newshour, and I tend not to watch or stream modern television series.  Most of my viewing takes the form of classic cinema and old Britcoms.  However, my brother persuaded me to watch Cobra Kai last year.  And while I watched a few episodes some years ago of Breaking Bad, I found the conceit of a devolutionary antihero ingenious but depressing, and I gave up on the show.  Nevertheless, in recent months, I have resumed watching the series and taken a peek at Better Call Saul as well.

Oh, and I drink a bottle or two of beer while I do all of this.

Is all of this terribly wrong?

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March 2023 Slice of Life Challenge.

11 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Fifty wings!?! That is impressive. My family is from Buffalo & wings are a ritual for them. My uncle once bet my nephew $100 that he couldn’t drink the leftover hot sauce from a bucket of hot wings. He did it, but… Anyway, yours sound delicious, and wings, a beer & Cobra Kai on a weekend night sound like an amazing guilty pleasure -so good, in fact, that I’d take away the guilt!

  2. I believe it was Rizzo who sang…”There are worse things I could do….” Enjoy my friend.

  3. I was told today by my sister that sometimes it is okay to splurge and I am applying that to your guilty pleasure. Sometimes it is okay to eat 50 wings haha! Good work!

  4. Paul – this is wonderful! I love your almost lyrical describtion of your modest indulgences, and also that you do cave intp pleasures that make you happy and make life worth living. So important for sustenance as much as a good night sleep and er….healthy eating. Ooops!

  5. I laughed out loud at you last line! I’m actually still laughing. And, yup! Terribly wrong and absolutely right. Except for the streaming modern television series but. Stick with Better Call Saul, it’s one of my son’s favorites. And I think your Sunday sounds just right!

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