Love Song to My Life

The humming remnants of our joining
Linger in my ears
And grow more sonorous
Whenever I close my eyes.

The soft force of your encircling arms
Settles upon me again
Each time I call it back
With a mindful breath.

Forgive me, I pray,
My frailty–my flight from you–
The odds I put between us–
The coveting of other loves.

I have made peace with my fellows,
Who had sought with me no quarrel,
Who merely saw in me a stranger
Clothed in alien colors,
Discoursing in curious cadence.

A wise one among them
Knew of my race
And lit a candle of peace.
I now see better by its glow.

I return to you now,
Fully present forever,
To requite your faith
And savor your embrace.

4 thoughts on “Love Song to My Life

  1. Paul, your choice of words is always so on point, and the way you take the reader on such a lilting journey is cerebral. I like the thinking I do when I read your writing. I agree fully with Fran ~ I think a book of verse would be a beautiful way to preserve your work on paper pages, published!

    1. Thank you–truly a compliment! Both of you have encouraged me a great deal. You have me thinking now. I suppose if I cannot find an agent, I should simply publish it myself. The circumstances have never been better for it.

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