The Mundane

Always embrace the mundane–
It is the handle of the present moment.
The texture of your toothbrush’s stem
And the minty taste of dentifrice
Are the tendrils of eternity
Penetrating your morning routine.

Dread not the washing
Of your dishes after breakfast,
Nor the packing of your children’s lunches.
Rush not through the traffic,
Nor down the corridor to your station at work,
Lest the sacred mist of awareness
Never enter your lungs.

Fold pensively the towels from the dryer;
Iron with devotion the napkins for the table;
Scrape clean the ceiling of the microwave oven;
Dust and hoover every nook and corner of your house; 
Explore a universe of countless wondrous worlds.

Adore the texture of your spouse’s hand
And the reeking coat of your pet.
Cheer in your heart the bickering of toddler siblings,
And engage the warring states
In diplomacy to set example for the globe.

What you call your grandest moments
Invariably rush away
Into the unfeeling distance of the past.

Yet the everyday–ever faithful–
Will remain disguised as tedium,
Though it is the refracted spectrum
Of your very being.

6 thoughts on “The Mundane

  1. This is a five-gold-star poem and one that my adventuring soul needed to read. There is adventure and appreciation in the every day and I need to print this and put it on my bathroom mirror.
    I’m glad those clothes napkins made their appearance – if I’d been reading and someone asked me to guess the author not knowing who wrote this, that would have been my clue. A fellow linen napkin fan! What fun to embrace the mundane.
    I like how you wrote it like the Desiderata.

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