Three times this date has come
To notch the turning year
And signal then the start
Of one more without you.

Keep bright the living sky
Be still the ray that shines.
And linger in the night
To whisper in our dreams.

Though you no more grace
The humble human form,
Nor ornament the air
With the music of your voice…

No day begins nor ends
No vibrant moment bursts
No worthy thought alights
Without you in its midst.

6 thoughts on “Dad

  1. Paul, these days that continue to mark the dates of last breaths, last heartbeats are days of holding our loved ones near. Those breaths go on in the whispers on the wind – love, love, love the lingering in dreams – and the legacy lives and lives on! Raising my glass to the memories of your dad! I love that picture.

    1. Kim, thank you very much–I truly feel he is still with me in many ways. Thanks, too, for the remark about that picture. I took it when he and I went out for a beer together, and it is one of my favorites.

  2. Such beautiful quatrains in memory of your father. I know the dread of approaching dates each year and at the same time the need to celebrate life – theirs, ours – for we would not be who we are without the influence of our fathers. I’ve awakened in the middle of the night before having clearly heard my father call my name, as if he were right in the room, leaning in. He’s been gone a long time now. That’s a magnificent photo – you bear a resemblance to him. I suspect in more ways than one. I see my father in myself more and more as I grow older.

    1. Fran, it is interesting that only since my father passed away have I understood what lots of people have been saying for years: I look a lot like him. I see it now in almost any picture someone takes of me. I like it, too. Thank you so much for relating to what I wrote–and for saying so.

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