Perhaps my greatest aversion–
Fluttering of hearts…ah, for chrissake!
Idiotic pet names, sentimental associations
With chance occurrences,
Constructing meaning out of chaos.

Receiving wisdom and putative significance
On the force of verdant eyes
Or a fluid voice
Or the bodily contours
That random evolution
Has unfairly favored
Over the survival of the mammoth.

A locking of eyes,
The drawing close of lips,
The forceful conduction of souls
Through each other’s body–
It should disgust,
And revolt…

And so it does–vilely!

And so life perpetuates itself…


One thought on “Romance

  1. I am rocking solidarity with the idea of preserving the survival of the mammoth. Yes, bring them back!! And I love endearing pet names for people (“sugarpie”)and for real pets with some meaning in the absence of ridiculousness. Wait…..Why do I get strange looks when I call for Fitz, the transcendental former foster Henry as in Thoreau, when we thought the party author instead would give him some pep? And Ollie, named for my all time favorite poet Mary Oliver? And of course…..Boo Radley, rescued from abandonment behind the door of a vacated duplex two counties to our north. Sheer unridiculousness, right? None of this fluttering of hearts about my Schnoodle trio……I need to give them some better names – wiggletail, fluffybutt, sugarplum……oh, let me stop. I could go on all day…..

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