Sonnet: Motions

For learning’s sake we tend well to our books,
The patterned pages painting bright the mind.
We keep keen after, too, our charming looks
So as to fill the world with humankind.
We humbly make our way to kneel and pray
Each week to ears that listen from the sky;
We lay our labors out for daily pay;
And deck our decades with the trades we ply.
In all of this we faithfully sustain
Our vessels in this sea we travel through.
The winds propel us boldly on the main;
Our captained bridges hold our courses true.
        But while we see to every worldly aim,
        Awakening awaits beyond this frame.

4 thoughts on “Sonnet: Motions

    1. Thanks, Fran—so much seems important in the workaday world, and it is. I simply like to remind myself not to overlook hidden significance, the kind which so often appears in your own work.

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