From Where I Write

Many of us today are thanking the Two Writing Teachers team for hosting the March Slice of Life Challenge each year.  I am deeply grateful for this forum and for the opportunity to have participated.

Also, I wish to thank all of my teaching and writing colleagues for their eloquent posts, their willingness to read my pieces, their supportive comments, and for all of the inspiration and encouragement I have drawn from them.  I am honored to have made several new friends.

The cover picture shows me in my happy place–this enormous desk in my tiny apartment.  I have sat here every night and every morning for the past month.  All of the work I have done here has energized me.  I look forward to posting and reading each Tuesday throughout the year.

Yes, this is where I write, and this is where so many of you have reached me in many ways

I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.

14 thoughts on “From Where I Write

  1. I echo what Sally writes- I hope you will continue to share on Tuesdays. I have enjoyed getting to know you a bit through your stories. I envy you that desk, although I am happy my apartment has a desk in the living room that allows me a view outside. Writing spaces matter!

  2. The bookcase, the map trunk, the enormous desk in your tiny apartment says much about the importance of reading and writing in your world of adventure. There is no such thing as a tiny apartment when there are books and pens. There are worlds to be discovered – experiences to be shared. There are no walls for readers and writers, more the carpet of Aladdin, taking us to places of wonder and enchantment. The tiny house movement has shown us that it’s not the walls that matter. It’s the space. Thanks for sharing your blog this month. I have enjoyed reading it! Congratulations on 31 days in this community of writers.

  3. We made it!! So glad to have discovered your blog and connected through our stories. You are a delightful and unique soul with many wise words for us all. Looking forward to more!

  4. I am so happy to learn that you will be continuing on each Tuesday. I share you sentiments of appreciation; the Slice of Lice Challenge has turned my longest, dreariest month into one of introspection, delight, and desperately summoned brain power. Thank you for contributing to that month of enjoyment in a profound way. Encore!

  5. My writing place is my happy place as well…I am often happiest when writing. I’m delighted that you are coming away from this challenge energized – I look forward to reading more of your rich, compelling writing!

  6. What a cool closing glimpse! It’s of a piece with other slices of yours I read, how they interlace words and pictures, to tell a more complete story than either medium could manage on its own.

  7. See you on Tuesdays! In your regal office. Was it your mother who said you were born an old soul? Somehow your happy place captures this.

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