Friday Poetry: Adesso, Respiro

Adesso, Respiro

I breathe out;
I live my days awake.
I breathe in;
I sleep through the night.

Breathless before,
I envied the art of others,
Gasped in anger at the mirror,
And desperately chased my wages—
My lungs never full.

Panting all those years,
I scented not
The fires in the hearths,
The flowers in the fields,
The danger in the trees,
The delectable repast Life serves its guests.

I walk more slowly now—
And not because age can hinder me yet.
Instead, it propels me with a new sense
Of breath…and of pause…
And of spaces in the mind.

I need no longer to catch my breath;
It stays with me.
And I resolve not to lose it again
For any light cause.

2 thoughts on “Friday Poetry: Adesso, Respiro

  1. So much about this to love: the pace of the stanzas match the pace of the message. We all need to slow down and appreciate our places in the world. Maybe COVID gives us space to do that?

    1. Thank you! COVID plus a job change has given me time and space this summer. I plan to make good use of them. Kind of you to read my post.

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