Fall 2016 Relaunch

From late 2010 until early 2012, I had a rewarding experience blogging on Open Salon.  Though the host had serious technical problems and eventually shut down, I built relationships with many other writers, and I benefited greatly from the support I received from that community.  Writers need an audience, and I was fortunate to see mine grow from just a dozen or so readers when I first posted to well over a thousand just a year later.  I also enjoyed becoming a devoted reader of the work on other talented writers from whom I learned a great deal.

About two years ago, I planned to relaunch on WordPress, but the pace of my life at that time did not permit me to do more than repost what I wrote during my Open Salon days.  I wish I could say that things have slowed down and that I have more time on my hands; unfortunately, that is simply not the case.

I have, however, reordered my priorities, and I am long overdue to resume my work as an advocate for public education and a lover of learning.  I am grateful to two extraordinary writers for supporting and inspiring me my first time around–and for encouraging me to give it another go.  Thanks, Fusun Atalay and Mary Ann Sorrentino, for helping me see some merit in my work.  I hope next Sunday’s post isn’t caked with rust.


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